Ward councillors and community leadership

A new report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about the role of backbench councillors says:

there is a recognition that councillors will need new skills and techniques to engage different communities of interest and place that go beyond traditional ward surgeries and formal meetings. Action planning, negotiating community agreements, household surveys, community websites and councillor blogs [my emphasis] were among the suggestions put forward – all of which would require new, and more intensive, types of support from local authorities.

Members who are currently representing diverse communities felt that future councillors would need specifi c skills to help them understand and identify with a range of cultural values, including different conceptions of democracy and local political engagement.

One thought on “Ward councillors and community leadership

  1. I agree that we support councillors quite well on the internal processes of the council, but are poor at supporting their local role. As we give more emphasis to communities this becomes more urgent. Some of this applies to all councillors – the skills work above but also understanding particular groups – and some is local – what are the particular issues in their locality in terms of its economic and social make up.
    We have been doing work on our Local Information System – http://www.norfolkdata.net to try and address the local end.

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