Jargon Buster

When I was part of the launch of Computeractive magazine we discovered that explaining computer jargon to novice PC users was very important.  Despite strenuous attempts to avoid jargon it simply wasn’t possible.  We then developed a JargonBuster box-out which appeared by all articles with the relevant jargon explained.

As part of a forthcoming revamp of this site and the CivicSurf offering we’ve put the Glossary from the CivicSurf booklet online and we are going to build upon the small start to provide some simple plain english explanations of the terms that might not be clear to novice bloggers.

We’ve also included a form on the page to allow novices to ask for explanations and for experts to submit or improve explanations. I hope those experts out there can start to contribute – perhaps a succinct explanation of Trackbacks would be a good starter for ten.

You can find the Glossary here or by following the link in the menu above.

4 thoughts on “Jargon Buster

  1. I’ve given you trackback and pingback, but I’m not submitting more because I don’t get a credit link and I can’t see how to specify my copyright licensing terms.

  2. Thanks MJ for the two terms. Much obliged. The page isn’t automated but you have a credit and link now. In terms of copyright licensing – everything on the site is Creative Commons – Attribution and Non-commercial. Hopefully I’ve made that clearer now.

  3. Why Non-Commercial? That seems a very anti-poor-people move to me: not everyone is rich enough to bankroll printing and distribution of information from this site.

    Please consider the definitions of Trackback and Pingback (and these comments) as under WTFPL. Democracy should be for everyone.

  4. Thanks MJ for the contribution. The content is provided for Public Bodies and Civic leaders to help get them blogging. They are free to use it as they like as long as they give credit. The reason it is non-commercial is that we’re investing time and money into the site and quite frankly we’d rather people didn’t make money off our work.

    With regards to your comments and definitions I suggest that you publish them on your own site and people can use them from there under whatever terms you propose.

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