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Interviewing Tom Watson

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Tom Watson was an interesting chat this morning. He had a lot to say about blogging and is clearly fired up about the whole social networking thing.

We also filmed Steve Webb, Member of Parliament for Northavon and Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Energy, Food and Rural Affairs, who was maybe a little more reserved about the process of blogging, but who also had seen in his year of posting how it can be an effective new tool for reaching both his constituents and a wider audience.

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Cllr Mary Reid x 2
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We interviewed Mary for the documentary today. Shane gave us a lead on a top floor staff room, so we got a much nicer location for the interview.

Mary talked eloquently and positively about blogging, gave some tips, and told of her experiences.

Mary took some pictures too, looking forward to reading her post on her blog!

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Yesterday I went up to Norwich to catch up with three of the Councillors who are working on the project. It’d been two months since I saw them last, when they were still finding their feet on getting their blog set up.

 I’d been keeping an eye on their sites which were slowly developing, but wasn’t sure how they felt about their blogs themselves.

The three of them were extremely positive about their experience and interestingly all for different reasons. Peter was please because he felt he had a space for him to speak out, and it was also bringing him in touch with new people and also some old contacts he’d lost track of. Tony found that he was getting interest in an issue by both comments and emails. Jenny, who hasn’t had much commenting feedback actually on the site, has had local people come up and tell her in person that they’d seen it and liked it.

I think in another month’s time they’ll have achieved even more. Interesting, none of them had thought of their blog as an archive, something I questioned them about, but thinking about it they realised it was a way they could track a particular issue.

Peter and Tony both have big issues being commented on their blogs, while Jenny is about to do a leaflet drop with the blog address on, so in another month I’m sure we’ll see huge changes again. 

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