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CivicSurf (*the project formerly known as Cllr2.0)

Draft CivicSurf logo

We asked the opinion of the people on this site and a few Gallomanor friends in local government and the response was strongly in favour of civicsurf.

We’ve even started developing a logo and soon this website will transfer to with a fresh new look.

One of the reasons I particularly liked civicsurf was that it gives a label to something important that was previously undefined. civicsurf is the aggregate of online local information about a town or area. It is comprised of blogs, sites such as, local press and public bodies. In essence the civicsurf is like a public meeting occurring online all day everyday. Our project will inspire civic leaders to get involved in that meeting, those conversations through contributing and hopefully leading.

Cllr2.0 – What’s that about?

We’ve now added a page on the blog called About Cllr2.0.  We’ve tried to describe what the project is about.  Have a read, leave a comment or question.

The point of this blog is to help promote the project.  It gives us a chance to keep a wider group of stakeholders current with progress on the project and to allow any one, like you, who we’ve not me, to promote the project for us.  We’ll post up useful things like the presentations and photos, logos, video clips etc.  In time we’ll also use the blog to promote the end-product; a series of events that help inspire civic leaders around the country to use the internet to communicate with their audience.

One further role for this blog will be to promote the blogs of our Norfolk Councillors.  They’ll be starting over the next couple of weeks and we’ll include them in our blogroll and pick out specific posts from time to time.