CivicSurf Coaching is designed to help civic leaders use the internet as an effective medium to improve their leadership skills and profile.

Being a leader online comes naturally to some.  For others it takes time to understand the etiquette, develop a style and become effective at using the plethora of channels and techniques available.

If you’ve come this far you probably recognise that blogs are an excellent way of councillors having websites.  (See Why leaders should blog Part I, Part II & Part III ) If not, you should perhaps watch the CivicSurf video or read the book.

We have a flexible programme that helps absolute beginners or relatively accomplished bloggers become better bloggers and more effective users of the medium.  The programme can cover blogging, social networks, and how to most effectively stay in touch with what is happening in your community.

The programme

The programme is split into modules from which you can choose depending on the scope of coaching and the technical capability of the participants.  This allows for the most effective use of your budget and the time of the participants. Click here for more detailed information on the programme content and modules.


The programme is delivered through a mixture of face-to-face workshops, telephone coaching and online support.  It allows us to deliver the maximum amount of coaching to groups of busy people, at times that suit them all, at a cost-effective price.

This proven approach has been used with many councillors, council officers and civil servants over the last few years. Click here for details of how we deliver CivicSurf Coaching.


The cost for coaching depends on the number of participants and modules chosen.  With a group of ten participants you should budget at least £2,500.  Email for a bespoke proposal.

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