Coaching: Delivery

Civic Leaders are busy people.  Civic Leaders are not all the same.  Civic Leaders have differing technical skills.  Civic Leaders need a flexible coaching programme.

People have different schedules.  They learn at different speeds.  They encounter different challenges at different times.  They need to be able to ask for help at a time that suits them, not when a training session is scheduled.

Our approach is gather the participants together for an initial physical workshop and to follow this with online coaching and follow-up drop in workshops as required.

Initial Workshop

This will normally take place in your offices in an internet enabled training room.  Each participant will be expected to have a computer.  Audio/visual facilities will be needed.  Up to ten participants per workshop is possible, but an ideal number is six.  The workshop will last between 3 and 6 hours depending on the technical capabilities of the participants and the modules to be covered in the overall programme.

Follow-up workshops

Depending on demand from participants we can arrange for physical workshops to be held on a regular basis.  They would generally take place over a half-day with participants able to drop-in for one-to-one face-to-face coaching.

One-to-one coaching

Each participant will receive coaching after the initial workshop.  This will develop their blogging skills, refine their communication technique and develop their ability to engage with their community.  The coaching mostly takes place in our private, web-based classroom which has a variety of online tools to facilitate interaction and learning.

The coaching consists of a mixture of teaching of new skills and of providing feedback and encouragement as the participants start blogging.  Importantly our coaches are also there to provide answers to questions that arise as blogging takes place.

The Team

We have a strong team of four coaches who deliver the programme.

Griff Wigley - Head Coach
Griff Wigley - Head Coach

Griff Wigley – Head Coach

Griff has been building online communities since 1986.  He is the most experienced civic leader blog coach worldwide.

Griff oversees all training materials and leads the coaching programme online. He has a talent for finding ways of making ordinary blog posts interesting and for guiding people without making them inadequate in any way.

He is based in Northfield, Minnesota and appears online from a multitude of coffee houses as well as his office.

Cllr Mary Reid – Coach

Cllr Mary Reid - Coach
Cllr Mary Reid - Coach

Mary has been blogging since January 2005.

She’s one of the UK foremost experts on e-Democracy and can provide a special insight into what it means for elected representatives to be bloggers. She is passionate about Councillors finding a space to express themselves freely.

By trade Mary writes about and trains people in the use of IT. She is based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and is normally found supporting community events and writing about it at

Dave Briggs - Coach
Dave Briggs - Coach

Dave Briggs – Coach

Dave’s background as a blogging Local Government officer and his skills in building blogs and communities around blogs make him an ideal coach for CivicSurf.

He is our technical lead and his regular Social Media Surgeries are hits at conferences around the UK.

Dave is based online, but is known to appear occasionally in the vicinity of Cambridge.

Shane McCracken – Programme Manager & Coach

Shane McCracken - Programme Manager and Coach
Shane McCracken - Programme Manager and Coach

Shane runs three corporate blogs including the CivicSurf blog.

Shane’s background is in marketing and publishing which makes him a government outsider and well-placed to provide an objective view on government communications.

Since 2003 Gallomanor have run I’m a Councillor, Get me out of here! which highlights some brilliant councillor communicators every year.

He’s based in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, but does occasionally get out in the real world.

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