Coaching: Programme: Effective Blogging

A blog post with a Flickr PhotoSet embedded
A blog post with a Flickr PhotoSet embedded

Understanding the basic technical skills required for blogging is a necessary hurdle to get over.  Once the basics have been mastered the civic leader can then start to use the internet as a very effective communication tool for writing as well as listening.  By learning and practicing some effective methods of blogging a leader can build a readership, a network and start and lead conversations online about the community they serve.

In this module participants will learn:

  • What to blog?
    • Show what is important to you
    • Provide recognition
    • Pass on information
    • Chronicle a decision or problem
    • Teach about the organisation
    • Teach about the complexities of a situation
  • How to blog effectively
    • Tell stories
    • Use the first person – voice of authenticity
    • Link, link, link
    • Include photos
    • Use relevant images
    • Post short and frequent
    • Answer email with a blog post
    • Promote discussion
    • Take general precautions

This module will be of benefit to all bloggers whether they already have been blogging for a while or if they are just starting out.  It will help become more effective with what they do and help them avoid some of the potential pitfalls that do exist for bloggers in the public eye.

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