Coaching: Programme: Why Blog?

A blog is primarily a publishing tool.  It is a website which features that make it more effective than a traditional static page.  It is easily created and updated.  It is search engine friendly and it allows visitors to interact easily with the site owner.

“I couldn’t possibly hold a surgery and see that many people, speak to that many people or listen to that many people. And listening is what it is about”

Cllr Tony Tomkinson, Norfolk County Council

For Councillors a blog has an additional benefit.  Because it is simple and cheap to run councillors can do it themselves and be free from regulation surrounding council owned websites.  It gives them the freedom to write about what they want to write about.

“I want a space where I can be what I am, which is a politician, somebody who’s interested in issues, interested in the whole political philosophy that guides the way I think. I want to have that freedom to express, and you can have that in a blog.”

Cllr Mary Reid, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

In this module we explain to participants how they can use a blog to:

  • Reach out to new people
  • Make more of what they do
  • Be more time-effective
  • Be personal – with lots of people
  • Get people to interact with them
  • Network with peers
  • Not rely on the media
  • Make public life more real

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