You’ll come across the following terms whilst blogging and in this site.  Please use the form below if anything is unclear.

CivicSurf – the aggregate of online local information about a town or area. It is comprised of blogs, sites such as, local press and public bodies. In essence the CivicSurf is like a public meeting occurring online all day everyday. Our project will inspire civic leaders to get involved in that meeting, those conversations through contributing and hopefully leading.

Civic Leader – a person involved in public life with responsibility for making decisions that affect the community. Examples include Councillors, Senior Police Officers, Senior Council Officers, NHS Trust Board members and officers.

Posts – each article written on a blog is known as a post. They can be a short as a word or picture or (if necessary) as long as an essay.

Blogosphere – people who blog consider themselves to be part of a large network of fellow bloggers. They call this network the blogosphere.

PermaLink – a link that forever links to a particular post on your blog. At any time in the future someone could click on the link on someone else’s site and be taken to a post you wrote a year ago.

Pingback – Automated comment on a web page containing just the web address of a page linking to it. The recipient then usually downloads the linking page and checks for the link before displaying it. An alternative to trackbacks that are harder to abuse.    Submitted by MJ Ray

RSS Feeds – RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that enables a web site (most commonly a blog) to publish the content that gets updated most often. Visitors to the website or blog can subscribe to this content (a ‘web feed’) using either a web-based service or PC-based software, usually referred to as a ‘feed reader’ or ‘aggregator.’ The RSS reader checks one’s subscriptions regularly for new content, and automatically downloads whatever it finds into an interface that makes it easy to browse and read. The main advantage for a user? RSS allows one to easily keep up with the new content on many sites and blogs without having to visit them or subscribe via email.
One of the most popular and simple readers is Google Reader. Most modern browsers have a built-in feed reader and some desktop-based email applications (eg Outlook, Thunderbird) have a feed reader feature that keeps the incoming content separate from one’s email inbox.
One subscribes to a feed by copy/pasting the feed’s URL/web address into the feed reader software or service. Even easier is clicking on the RSS icon or link with your web browser which triggers the process for subscribing.

Trackback – an automated comment sent to a web page, giving a title, web address and some text. In theory, the commenter is showing how they have linked to the commented page. In practice, it’s been abused by spammers (because early Trackback sites accepted and displayed any submissions without moderation) and have largely replaced by Pingbacks.    Submitted by MJ Ray

URL – Uniform Resource Locator. Basicially the address of a website page.

Blog – a website using a very simple publishing tool that allows the author(s) to post articles chronologically or in almost any format they like.

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