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Dear Olly – A masterpiece in Civic Leadership blogging

Kigali Genocide Memorial - Picture by Martin Leach
If anyone ever asks you why Civil Servants or politicians should blog, send them over to Martin Leach’s most recent post.

Martin is one of the DFID bloggers that we’ve been coaching.  He’s recently arrived in Kigali, Rwanda as Head of DFID Rwanda.  He’s just published a post called Dear Olly that drives home the human nature of the work that DFID in the developing world.

The post is really well written. It is personal. It links the UK with Rwanda.  It explains part of DFID’s important work in the country. It gives you hope that things are improving.

Please go read it, tell your colleagues to read it and tell your bosses to read it.  Then read some more of the DFID bloggers.  They are doing a fantastic job of telling the story of DFID’s work in a real and human way.

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DFID Blog Coaching

We’ve just started Round Two of the DFID blog coaching programme and we’ll be seeing posts from some new far-flung places as the additional group of bloggers come online.  As Simon Dickson, who developed the DFID blog site, has pointed out the DFID blogs have more subscribers to RSS Feeds than the main DFID site and more than the FCO bloggers.  It’s an indication that the project is working.

The idea of providing coaching does seem to be gaining traction amongst local authorities. We’re putting together two proposals for community engagement sites this week and both have asked for coaching.

There is more information on this site about the coaching programme we offer.  Use the menu link or the rather large button on the right.