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The Cabinet Office released “Participation online Guidance for civil servants” today. It has been some time in gestation but the really good news is that it is only one page long. In fact the guidance has been boiled down to 5 main points and a paragraph on how it relates to the Civil Service Code.

In summary,

1. Be credible
2. Be consistent
3. Be responsive
4. Be integrated

5. Be a civil servant

The Power of Information Taskforce (don’t ask who they might be) is looking for feedback. I hope they pick it up from here.

It is good excellent.

And others think so too.

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Mary Reid has pointed out that David Buckle, CEO of South Oxfordshire District Council has started a blog to keep people informed about the by-election caused by the standing-down of Boris Johnson.

Hats off to David for starting a blog at a time that will no doubt be busy and very high profile.

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