What is CivicSurf?

What is CivicSurf1?

Interviewing Tom Watson MPCan you imagine a public meeting taking place without the local councillor attending? It’s happening every day up and down the country online. Public meetings, conversations and information sharing happen 24/7 online and the majority of councillors are not taking part because they don’t appreciate the benefits nor possess the skills to do so.

What is the CivicSurf project?

Councillor on the doorstepThe CivicSurf project aims to inspire and inform civic leaders2 about the benefits of blogging. We’ve filmed 3 Norfolk County Councillors as they’ve learnt the basics of blogging and used their sites to initiate conversations in and around their communities. The eight minute film also includes the views from expert bloggers such as Tom Watson MP, Steve Webb MP and Cllr Mary Reid. It will be distributed on DVD to 1,000 public bodies including councils, emergency services and NHS Trusts along with copies of a 32pp booklet that informs readers of the basics of blogging.

The film will be premièred at the May evoice conference being organised in Norwich by Tim Anderson and we are then taking it on the road around the country. All public bodies will be invited to host an event but we are looking for 10 regional events where a prominent local blogger will be invited to host a question and answer session.

In summary:

  • Film and booklet to inspire and inform civic leaders on blogging
  • Q&A session with local blogger
  • 10 regional events
  • Hosts required

Next Steps

If you would like more information or to host an event please visit www.civicsurf.org.uk or email shane@gallomanor.com or call 01225 869413.

1 CivicSurf is the collective term we have devised for the information on the internet about a town or area. It includes but not excluded to: blogs by community members, facebook groups, twitter posts, public sites such as fixmystreet, other public bodies newsfeeds, commercial sites such as upmystreet. To get involved in this CivicSurf we believe civic leaders need to participate fully and the best way to do that is to have an online presence using a blog.

2 Councillors, NHS Trust members, senior officers etc

A PDF of this page is available – CivicSurf Backgrounder.

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